There, Their or They're?

Our biggest pet peeve here at LMS HQ is the constant incorrect use of grammar and spelling. When designing logos, flyers, posters and brochures we are baffled at how people can get it so wrong without even realising their mistakes. Many moons ago when we were still at school, this was taught as the basics in English class. We were tested on a regular basis of the ins and outs of the correct use of 'there', 'their' and they're' - and it doesn't stop there, check out a few of these which we often come across!

  • To, too or two?

  • Which or witch?

  • Whether or weather?

  • Compliment or complement?

  • Accept or except?

  • Affect or effect?

  • Insure or ensure?

Our biggest problem is the incorrect use of the words 'stationery' or 'stationary'. Being designers and working with customers and suppliers, we regularly see the incorrect use of these two words - which we think is very unprofessional! Stationary is used to describe an object that is inactive - so put simply, when an object is not moving. Stationery is the description for office based materials, such as letterheads and business cards. We are forever coming across printing companies that use this incorrect spelling all over their websites - come on, sort it out chaps!

If you struggle with using correct grammar to use, check out this FREE online grammar checker (if only to keep us sane!):

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