Colne Summer Market

Over the last few months, we've been very busy organising a Summer market in our home town of Colne. The event will be huge, with over 50 stalls attending plus entertainment!

“How did it all start in the first place...?” you ask - so we shall tell!

It all began when Zoe at Let's Make Something Beautiful took a stall at the Colne arts and crafts fair at Easter Time. Aneesa went along to see her at the market (being friends outside of this market-ness!) to see how she was getting on, and to which Zoe replied “It's been good but I just feel like there's something missing, bet we could do an alright job if we organised one mate!” The famous last words were spoken...

Aneesa and Zoe started planning the market and getting ideas together and spoke with Maria at E-shoes (whilst browsing the shoes in the shop, through Zoe's love of shoes), a former market trader herself - the result: an extremely excited Maria became part of the team! Zoe also knows Eric through various business projects that they have worked on together and is married to a very good friend of Zoe's and showed his enthusiam to becoming part of the team... boom: The Colne Summer market team was born! The team met with Paul Collins and the market managers to confirm the dates, times and the space for the date and the scary part was... this meant it was actually going to happen now!

We're quite confident in saying that this market has become so much more than just an outdoor market. It's an opportunity for budding new entrepeneurs to test their idea at a one off event and see how viable it is, its a chance to network with traders and the general public and get some presence in the town. The market is perfect for Colne to put itself back on the outdoor market map, in the hope that some of you apply for a stall on a more regular basis.

We'd love to host a Christmas themed market, let's hope that today is as big as it can be!

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