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Something we have to stress, is that you don't leave your stationery too late!

Lots of bridal magazines tell brides and grooms to send out their stationery 3 months before the big day - but this is a big mistake! Here are a few things to bear in mind from people in the know when sorting your stationery...

1. Remember that your stationer may have lots of other invitations and other stationery to design and make - not just yours. They may not be able to fit you in to their schedule. We don't want to let anyone down, but sometimes this is inevitable when information is not passed on soon enough.

2. Depending on your design and the quantity of invitations you require may mean that your stationer will not have enough time to physically make the items in time for you to send out. If you ask your stationer to make them 3 months in advance, it may take up to 2 weeks for the stock to arrive and 2 weeks to make - this means you only have 2 months to get them to your guests.

3. Items may not be in stock and that means you will not have the invitations and other stationery you really want! And no one wants that for their big day.

4. Ideally, your stationer should receive all information for table plans, name cards, favours, place settings, menus and order of service 1 month beforehand - just like your venue requires. Again, this is to ensure you get exactly what you want on your big day.

5. There is no harm in sorting your invitations out early - it's better to have them ready too soon rather than too late! This will save stress later on when things are being rushed and mistakes made.

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