Hello everyone,

We don’t usually like to give too much attention to negative events, but when they lead to something beautiful, it’s absolutely necessary to do so!

On Wednesday this week, Zoë had some money stolen from her bag whilst she was working off some steam at the gym. Zoë was devastated at having experienced this violation of her personal belongings and even more so to realise the culprit may never be uncovered. It’s horrible when anyone takes advantage of others in any way. It might not seem like a lot of money to many people, or even to the thief themselves, but the principle remains the same – taking from others without their consent is a violation. It is illegal. It’s heartbreaking. Zoë reported the theft to the Police and to the gym, but the thief may never be found.

Fast forward to Saturday and Zoë came into the LMSB office to this wonderful note, and cash to replace the stolen money from an anonymous friend. How lovely is this?? Never underestimate the generosity of strangers. Zoë was really emotional and overwhelmed with this random act of kindness.

Sticking with our theme of positivity, Zoë completed a 10k race this Sunday at Blackpool with her friend Gemma, to help raise money for Trinity Hospice. She finished the course, despite injury, in a very respectable time of 1 hour 22 minutes. Well done Zoë and Gemma for your amazing achievement for a wonderful cause!

And I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning this absolutely gorgeous weather we have been blessed with! What a beautiful few days we’ve had. Dare we hope for a proper summer this year?! C’mon weather, make us something beautiful!

Lots of love,

Team LMSB xx

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