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And welcome to this lovely New Year 2017! We hope you all had a fab time over Crimbo and are settling into the new year with health and happiness. Our new year’s resolution is to try and get these blogs rolled out on time! Which is not always easy with a toddler, especially with so many other things to also keep up with.

So with this in mind, Zoë and I took Leo and had our first business meeting of the year at a local pub. The meeting was especially important because we just HAD to celebrate my success at graduating from the NCT’s Breastfeeding Peer Support training course. This means I am now a QUALIFIED breastfeeding peer supporter and can start to assist mummies who have queries or issues with breastfeeding, and support mummies who need it. I’m so honoured and excited to be part of this special team, as Leo and I struggled to get breastfeeding established in the early days. However, we have persevered and continue to breastfeed at 15 months with no sign of stopping just yet.

Let's Make Something Beauttiful Graphic Design Wedding Stationery Skipton

The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding until at least two years of age, so this is our ultimate goal. Over the past 15 months I have become so passionate about breastfeeding and it feels fantastic to be able to give something back to the global mama gang! Zoë has always been a massive supporter of mine, and has had several customers breastfeed during appointments at the shop. Let’s Make Something Beautiful is a breastfeeding friendly zone! It is legal for any mother to breastfeed a child in any place that mum is legally allowed to be. If you are asked to move by any member of staff or public whilst breastfeeding, they are breaking the law. Please feel free to feed your baby when you attend any appointments or come to shop at LMSB, we fully support you!

Let's Make Something Beauttiful Graphic Design Wedding Stationery Skipton

So! Our business meeting was held at The Castle Inn, Skipton, in support of another local business who were debuting an entire exclusively vegan menu for Veganuary! Zoë and I both LOVE food, and especially trying new things, so decided to give it a whirl. We were NOT disappointed. Leo kept us both in line by making important calls and ensuring we discussed our plans for LMSB going forward this year.

However, our first real blog post of the year ought to be a round-up of our Featured Brides of 2016! I spoke to Zoë to get her feedback about each wedding, which we will reveal a bit later on. We are already collating information from other potential Featured Brides, which we are absolutely buzzing about, so stay tuned for further details...

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