Hello Beautiful,

Well, as March begins to draw to a close, we are so excited to finally have some warmer days, lighter, brighter evenings, and lots of lovely happy new life erupting all around – it’s particularly lovely to see the spring lambs in the fields, and daffodils all around. It’s a lovely introduction to warmer weather and greener scenes. Although, we must admit, this deluge of rain we’re having is going a bit too far! April showers are fine, but it is still only March. C’mon sunshine!

Speaking of which, our resident cake muncher (that’ll be me – Charlotte) is jetting off on her holidays next week, to sunny Cyprus. After so many ups and downs organising passports (it was nothing short of a farce!) I can now begin to relax and prepare myself for some fun in the sun. It’s Leo’s first time abroad and our first family holiday – we can’t wait to make some memories!

Zoë has been a busy bee, with some recent freelance work, as well as plenty of new wedding designs, and running the shop in Skipton. If you’re in the area do come in and say hello and have a look at some of the special items we have in stock! You can also have a peek at what’s available via the website – where you can buy the bits that take your fancy and have them delivered direct to your door! Easy peasy!

We have also recently discovered that our LMSB mascot, Ella, has allergies! She has been suffering for awhile chewing her feet and been poorly on and off. The vets have done some tests and she is allergic to... ALL MEAT! She’s also allergic to soya, maize, and dust! She now has to have a very special vegetarian diet to make sure she stays fit and healthy!

Shortly, we will bring you our Featured Bride Wedding of the Month, where we have a closer look at Chris and Holly's wedding from earlier this year! Keep your peepers peeled for this special feature coming really super soon!

Lots of love,


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