Hello Beautiful,

It is the first of May so as a new month begins we thought we would give you an update!

The shop has EXPANDED! After several months of building our empire we realised the shop was starting to feel a bit cramped. As our stock grew, our space diminished. So we’ve taken advantage of our upstairs space to move Zoë’s office into a designated private area for consultations, which in turn has opened up more space on the shop floor for all the AMAZING new gift items we now have available. Including this super cute collection of Pusheen gifts. Our favourite is the Tea for Me teapot, and the fluffy notebook (Zoë hasn’t stopped stroking them since they arrived!)

We therefore have a few changes to our wedding and stationery consultations. These will now take place by appointment only, on Saturdays. We can still take orders online and consult online too, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unable to get to the shop!

Zoë has worked ridonculously hard on her days off to paint the shop and make the space upstairs fabulous, we applaud her dedication and her tremendous effort has definitely paid off.

So drop in and see us and pick up some gorgeous items!

In other news, LMSB were asked to design a site map for a charity fundraiser being held at the Broughton Hall Estate, on Saturday 6th May. This event hopes to raise awareness of bowel cancer, after local lady Sally Major recently passed away. There’s lots going on so please do visit and show your support.

A new month also means a new Featured Bride! We look forward to the next installation of our most popular blog feature! We hope you are as excited about this as we are.

Until then..

Lots of love,


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