LMSB Christmas Party!

Hello Beautiful,

I write this blog today all cosied up in bed whilst my toddler takes a nap, whilst snow turns to thick ice outside. How is it December already?! Winter has well and truly arrived with a bang! Whilst the snow isn't always a welcome visitor, it certainly helped Zoë and I get right into the festive spirit last night as we celebrated the LMSB Office Christmas Party.

We started the evening by doing a few last minute bits of Christmas shopping before deciding it was far too cold and making our way to The Castle Inn, Skipton, where we had reserved a table and pre-ordered a delicious three-course meal.

When we arrived, we were delighted to discover our favourite table had been reserved, decorated beautifully with Christmas ornaments and some lovely crackers were a sweet addition.

As we excitedly waited for the food to arrive, we opened some of our festive treats from the LMSB Gift Shop. First off, the Festive Face Mats. We had such a laugh trying them all out and taking selfies! The women at the opposite table wanted “A glass of whatever she's having!” when Zoë began to cry with laughter at a particularly amusing face mat (we were both completely sober!). I told them unequivocally that Zoë wasn't even remotely drunk, it was just her very special personality that made her such fun company!

The first course was an incredible spiced parsnip soup served with bread and butter. We absolutely wolfed it down as it was so delicious, and carried on amusing ourselves with more Face Mat fun!

Main course for Zoë was a Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings (minus sprouts!), and I chose mushroom and cranberry wellington. A side of vegetables and extra gravy was brought to the table. The food was spectacular – even the women at the other table were ooh-ing and aah-ing, and were disappointed to learn it was pre-order only! The main course defeated us both! Zoë and I love food. So very deeply. We even had a break to try and make some room to fit the rest in our ever-expanding stomachs, but it was not to be. We decided it was sensible to save a bit of room for the dessert course, which the waitress thankfully allowed us to delay until we were ready.

So we had a rest, ordered some more (again, non-alcoholic) drinks, and opened the Festive Party Games pack. We played a game of “Guess the Festive Tune" and “Christmas Movie Quotes" and waited for our first two courses to digest.

When we were finally ready for dessert, the waitress brought us an absolutely heavenly plate. Chocolate orange brownie with coconut cream. Zoë and I could barely contain our excitement – only one quote fitted this situation and of course it was a “Friends” one – “I would get a room with this cake. I'd show this cake a good time!”

We savoured it as much as we could, but it was demolished in virtually no time. After that I was completely debilitated and had to lay down with my shorts unbuttoned! The waitress found this most amusing and joined us both in hysterics. She said, “You two are the best customers I've served since I started working here!” Bless her! We chatted to her, explaining why we were out celebrating and discussing with her how much we love The Castle Inn.

The Castle Inn is a vegan friendly pub. Regular blog readers will already be aware that I follow a vegan diet and lifestyle. Zoë and I have been to The Castle on several occasions and the food has always been exceptional! The service is wonderful and it's always really nice to be able to eat somewhere with confidence that the meal won't make me sick from cross-contamination. Being a local business ourselves we also understand how vital it is to support one another.

After dessert, we pulled our crackers and played with the Face Mats again (seriously, so much fun!), and were then served a pot of tea each and mince pies. The waitress happily declared “..AND it's snowing!” and we were as excited as we were nervous – we still had to get home!

After the tea and mince pies we were completely stuffed. I discarded my shorts completely (I had leggings on underneath!) and we meandered back to the car. The drive home was eventful – snow was falling thick and fast on the country roads and it continued to fall all evening and night! Zoë had to drive home in it after stopping off at my house to relax and watch one of our favourite movies - Bridesmaids!

We had such a good night out celebrating the continued success off LMSB and getting into the festive spirit.

The Face Mats and Festive Games cards are both available to purchase on our website, as well as lots of lovely gifts, family games, and stocking fillers! Our 2017 gift guide blog will be online soon to help you choose from our huge range of beautiful gifts!

Lots of love,


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