Happy New Year!

Hello Beautiful,

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and festive period. Zoë spoiled Leo and I rotten with gorgeous gifts, and I proved that I am a terrible designer with the decorated box frame I made for Zoë. Leo bought Zoë a doggy, sadly not a real one, but now she has her very own Wallanby (another one of our private jokes – 10 points to Gryffindor for anyone who gets the reference!)

We have SO MUCH to tell you, oh em gee! First and foremost our biggest news is that Purple Hound has now vacated the premises at Craven Court, so the ENTIRE SHOP is now exclusively LMSB! We wish Purple Hound all the best in their future endeavours, however we are so thrilled to go into the New Year with a fresh start! The shop has been revamped with new shelving and counters, and loads more exciting stock!

We have loads of fantastic feature blogs for you this year, focussing on special events and themes, as well as spotlighting various stock selections and Zoë’s incredible design work. We really are excited to present these to you and we hope you will enjoy them!

We're also taking some time this month for leisure activities: Zoë was lucky enough to get tickets to see one of our favourite bands – 36 Crazyfists – for Christmas, and invited me along to see them! We haven't been to a gig together for many years now and it's probably been about a decade since we saw 36CF so it's bound to be a brilliant evening!

Next month we are taking a trip to Birmingham to meet our suppliers from Paladone at The Spring Fair Trade Show. We're absolutely buzzin’ about this trip and all the exciting products we can view and potentially order to stock in the shop!

We love to hear your feedback so please do contact us via email at hello@letsmakesomethingbeautiful.co.uk or our Facebook page! You can also follow us on Instagram, where Zoë is currently taking part in a monthly “Getting to know you" insta challenge, to give further insight into who she is and what her work entails. We think you will find it super insightful!

Have a wonderful weekend, mind how you go in this wet and windy weather, but do pop in and see us – we are still running our January sale! Also online for those who aren't local - click here - just add code 'BOXINGDAY2017' at the cart.

Lots of love,


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