Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hello Beautiful,

With just a week to go until Mothering Sunday, I thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase some of our wonderful gifts for Mamas, to inspire your Mother's Day purchases.

Mermaid Turquoise and Silver Reversible Sequin Notebook (£9.99)

If you have a mum like mine who always seems to say “Let me just write it down so I don't forget”, this is a wonderful notebook to help her keep track of all her lists and ideas! This sparkly cutey is A5 with 80 pages, and can also provide a welcome distraction in those boring office meetings – because the sequins are reversible! Endless fidgety fun. Also available in pink and blue (Unicorn Pink and Blue Reversible Sequin Notebook - £9.99)

For The Pun Of It 'Strong Nails' Manicure Set (£8.00)

I love this sweet little nail manicure set. Not only is it a super neat and tidy foldaway kit, it's got this brilliant “Strong Nails” punny picture. Ya'll know by now how much I love a pun! This is part of our 'For The Pun of It' Range – with compact mirrors such as “You're So Attractive” and “I See a Lot of Myself in You” (£4.50 each) being the perfect companion gift.

Super Mum Mug (£9.99)

Is your mum a hero? Does she swoop in at the last minute to save you from your doom? This SUPER cute mug comes with a superheroine cape, to remind her how loved she is with every cuppa.

Beauty And The Beast Jewellery Box (£9.99)

This lovely official Disney Beauty and the Beast jewellery box contains a mirror within the lid, and an elastic loop fastener to keep everything secure. Makes a fabulous jewellery or trinket box. We even have one of these for ourselves in the shop to leave special notes to one another!

Mermaid My Beach Fund Frame (£13.99)

My mum also happens to be a sunworshipper, and when she's not working, babysitting or playing badminton, she can be find poolside with her kindle and an ice cold G n' T. This pretty frame money box is a great way for beach bods to save their spare change for their next adventure. Money not included – sorry!

Wise Words Mug - The Best Man For The Job Is A Woman (£6.99)

As you well know, we love a brew, this is a great mug for strong independent mums who don't need no man to brew up! Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this beautiful pink and white striped Fine China mug is sure to raise a smile from your lovely Muv.

Lucky Dandelion Seeds Necklace Pendant (£10.00)

Make a wish! If your mum is a fan of quirky and unusual jewellery, this quirky beautiful dandelion seed necklace with wish charm is the perfect gift. The real dandelion seeds are held inside a clear glass orb, on a silver necklace.

Scrabble Cookie Cutters (£9.99)

Does your mum give Mary Berry a run for her money? Does she love a night on the tiles? Combine a love of cookies with a love of wordplay with this fabulous Scrabble Cookie Cutter mould set. Create your own personalised cookie messages! This is sure to result in a high score.

Flamingo Ice Stirrers (£6.99)

These flamingo ice stirrers are cool and stylish, perfect for highball glasses and cocktails (and our old faithful – Gin and Tonic). Simply fill the ice cube tray as normal with the flamingoes in each block, and place in the freezer. When frozen and placed in a glass, the bird will stand upright, acting both as a cooler and a convenient stirrer. There are four of these in each box so they are fabulous for a Girl's Night In, and perfect for chilling your mum out during those intense Emmerdale episodes.

And last but not least...

Unicorn Dreams Bath Bomb (£5.50)

These beautiful hand made bath bombs are bursting with unicorns and rainbows on the inside! Topped with foamy cocoa butter frosting, this bath bomb will leave skin smelling and feeling soft and smooth to the touch. A lovely way to help yer mum unwind after a difficult day dealing with YOU DAMN KIDS DRIVING HER CRAZY!

We hope you find this gift guide inspiring – there's still tonnes more to explore online and in the shop – so please feel free to mosy on over and have a good look around - shop our full range here. There's still plenty of time to order online for home delivery, or choose 'click and collect' and pick up in store!

Now that I am a Mum my empathy (or should that be sympathy??) for my own mother is much stronger. Motherhood presents many unique challenges, and has taught me more about who I am and what I am capable of than any other experience to date. My son is my inspiration and strength, and I'm constantly astounded by his intelligence and watching him explore and experience the world around him.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to my own Mum, for her patience, constant television narration, and emergency wine deliveries.

I am, at this time of year, painfully aware that many of our friends grew up without their mothers, or lost them too soon, or had mothers that were not a positive influence to them. Our hearts go out to anyone who finds this time of year particularly difficult.

We dedicate this blog to all the Mums we know and love.

Lots of love,


“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it” (Mark Twain)

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