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Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to our first edition of our SUPERFAN feature blog! Since we decided to launch this blog I've been so excited to meet our Superfans! And honestly could not resist being the first to take part. So here is our first ever Superfan feature blog, featuring me, your favourite cake enthusiast and LMSB blogger - Charlotte!


First of all, do you solemnly swear you are up to no good?

"I'm always up to no good!"

Please tell us your name, age and where you are from...

"Hello, my name is Charlotte. I'm from Lancashire and I'm 30 years young!"

How long have you been a Harry Potter fan?

"Since I read the first book, I was about 14 then, so quite late to the party.."

Which is your favourite book and/or movie?

"My favourite book is The Prisoner of Azkaban. I love how dark and mysterious it is, and how it shows Harry that there is so much else going on, so much to learn about his past. My second favourite is The Deathly Hallows. It pretty much makes me cry all the way through, but it's epic.

"My favourite movie is The Philosopher's Stone. I just think it's truly magical and I have so many fond memories of watching it and forcing Zoe to watch it whilst stuffing our faces with chocolate."

Who is your favourite character and why?

"Luna Lovegood is one of my favourites. She's the 'weird' kid and I can relate to that. But she has so much depth and is fiercely loyal and kind. I also love Hermione, and the Weasley twins. Mrs Weasley is #mumgoals."

Which Hogwarts House were you sorted into?

"Ravenclaw! I actually had no idea which house I would be in but I was quite pleasantly surprised by this decision."

What is your Patronus?

"My patronus is a Nebulung Cat. I had a feeling it would be some sort of cat – I'm not great with people but I love attention (haha!!) Nebelung cats are long with dense fur and mild dispositions – this is so much like my old cat Bailey (except he wasn't blue) who sadly absconded after I gave birth to my son."

Would you rather travel by Portkey, Broomstick, or Floo Powder?

"Broomstick! I like taking in the scenery when I travel. I'd have so much anxiety with Floo Powder and I'd probably turn up too late for a Portkey."

What is your favourite Harry Potter item purchased from LMSB?

"My burgundy and gold Hogwarts crest mug! Keeps my tea nice and warm and survives the dishwasher! I also love my time turner, although I don't wear it as much because I don't want it to be destroyed by Hurricane Leo."

What are you hoping to purchase next from LMSB?

"Next will definitely be a Dobby keyring, and I really want one of the cauldron mugs! Now I've been sorted I'd also like a Ravenclaw luminart – which I will treat myself to when I sort my bedroom out, and I've got my eye on the new charm bracelets. I'm also massively into collecting stuff so I'll probably end up getting the Backpack Buddies, and I think the playing cards are such a nice collectable, I'd like those too. Honestly though it's all wonderful, if I could afford it all I would have it.

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you most like to possess?

"The Cloak of Invisibility. I'm really nosy by nature, but mainly I'd love to be able to hide from my toddler... just kidding..."


I hope you enjoyed our Superfan feature as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Would you like to take part? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us via the website or Facebook page for more details

Under 16s will need written permission from their parent or guardian to take part.

Lots of love,


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