Have You Seen Pusheen?

Hello beautiful,

Since it's coming up to her 5th year Facebook sticker anniversary, we thought we would take this opportunity to celebrate Pusheen and give our readers a bit of a history of her and her amazing rise to fame! As you know, we have a rather large stock of cute Sheenie items and we ourselves are big Pusheen fans (she enjoys pizza and naps – we can relate).

A little bit of History...

  • Pusheen first appeared in a comic strip “Pusheen Things” on Claire Belton and Andrew Duff's website, Everyday Cute. In 2011, Belton and Duff then launched their dedicated Pusheen website, and in 2013 came a collection of comic strips featuring Pusheen, entitled I Am Pusheen The Cat.

  • Pusheen became a beloved character when her Facebook sticker set was introduced to iOS in April 2013, and added to the main Facebook website later that year, in July.

About Pusheen...

  • Pusheen is described as being a female domestic shorthair who is grey and tabby. She is based on Claire Belton's cat.​

  • The name Pusheen comes from the word puisin, which means 'kitten' in Irish.​

  • Pusheen was adopted from a shelter!​

  • Pusheen has 9.4 million Facebook fans. She also has Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts, for which she has over one million followers and counting.​

  • Her dream is to make friends all over the world.​

  • Her best feature is her toe beans.​

  • Pusheen merchandise first went on sale in July 2010.​

  • She has all nine lives left.​

  • There are now SIX series of Blind Boxes from plush manufacturer, Gund (#1 Snack Time, #2 Christmas Holiday, #3 Places Cats Sit, #4 Halloween, #5 Holiday Cheer, #6 Magical Kitties)​

  • She enjoys blogging, surfing the web and playing dress up - appearing as a detective, a chef, a DJ, a zombie, a mummy, a mermaid,a unicorn, and a dinosaur (Sheenicorn, Super Persheenicorn, and Pusheenisaurus). She can also be really fancy, wearing a top hat and monacle.​

  • Her doggie alter-ego is Pugsheen.

Pusheen's Family...

  • ​Pusheen's mummy is a beige cat with orange stripes on her tail, and her dad is a browny grey colour with stripes on his back. He also has a fancy brown moustache. They met by a trashcan, fell in love, and had Pusheen.​

  • Stormy is Pusheen's little sister. She likes chasing things and wants to be just like Pusheen when she grows up. Stormy is grey and fluffy like a cloud.​

  • Pip is a fluffy black kitten. He is the youngest of the three siblings.

Pusheen's Friends...

  • Ace is one of Pusheen's friends. He is a little yellow and white doggo. He is very hyperactive and loves to play outside with Pusheen.​

  • Battle Dog is also a close friend of Pusheen. He even has his own comic, “Battle Dog”.​

  • Lulu is Stormy's friend really, but she is friends with Pusheen too. She loves to play. She is very fluffy and has a waggly tail.​

  • Tommy is a blonde Pomeranian dog who was featured on Pusheen's tumblr. He has very small legs!

Our Favourite Pusheen items are...

Pusheen Novelty Beaker and Straw (£9.99) (looks like a massive milkshake!)

Pusheen Super Stationery Set (£8.99) (includes notebook and pens)

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Pusheen Snack Box Set (£7.99) (set of four cute tubs each featuring a different mood)

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...and because you know how much we love a good brew - Pusheen Tea for One - Pink & Gold (£19.99).

You can shop the rest of the Pusheen collection here.

Lots of love,


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