Star Wars Day: Episode II

Hello beautiful,

As promised in yesterday's blog, I'm back to let you all know how we got on when Zoe watched Star Wars for the first time EVER last night! It was my brilliant brainwave to get Zoe to finally sit down and watch it, in time for May the 4th.

As a virtually life-long fan, you can imagine my excitement and anticipation at being able to introduce one of my favourite things to my bezzie pal. Why it's taken so long for her to see any of the movies I have no idea! But it wasn't right to stock the merch and not have a clue what I'm on about when I'm yabbering quotes that she doesn't understand. Zoe insisted that until now she had no real interest in Star Wars “It's not for me”, she would say. “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” I would reply, and a blank face would stare back at me. Time for a lesson, padawan.

I asked the Facebook hive mind what order Star Wars should be watched in, for someone who hasn't seen any of the movies before. My heart was saying we should watch them starting with Episode IV: A New Hope, however my logical brain was saying we should watch them in Episode order. My heart won this time, as there was a fairly even divide across my Facebook friends as to the 'correct' order.

So we gathered the snacks, the cold beverages, and the squishy blankets. We made ourselves cosy. We distracted the toddler with pasta. We pressed play...

And we got through Episodes IV and V, and started Episode VI, but by the time we had put the third movie of the night on, we were both falling asleep on the sofas and were unable to follow the story. We called it a night. Far too much excitement for one day had left us ready for bed.

I asked Zoe this morning what she thought of it all.

“It was alright.”, she said.

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May the fourth be with you!



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