Hello Beautiful,

Flippin heck it's been awhile hasn't it?? Well, that's because we have been so busy at LMSB HQ and at home that I've just not been able to find time to sit down and write to you all! I've taken over the shop again today whilst Zoe embarks on a freelance project, so I've got a bit of time to update you on all our recent antics.

I've finally finished the course that was taking up the majority of my 'free' time – I have obtained the equivalent of a Biology A-Level, absolutely bossing my exams and achieving a 95% overall score. This is such an amazing achievement for me, balancing work, volunteering, single parenting and managing to just basically stay alive throughout, and puts me firmly on the right path to my final accreditation as a Boob ExpertTM

Last month, I turned 31 and had an absolutely glorious weekend celebrating at Barnoldswick's Bands on the Square with some of my oldest and dearest friends listening to the amazing local talent. If you get chance to attend next year then please do, it's an incredible event hosted for free by Barnoldswick Town Council showcasing music from all across Pendle from all ages. It's a very family friendly event; I wore Leo on my back in a sling until around 8pm on the Sunday afternoon whilst we danced with friends.

Most recently we held another stall at the Comic Colne event on Colne Market, the day was a success with beautiful sunshine and lots of smiles from the children. However due to some 'creative differences' we won't be hosting a stall there again in future. We wish the event all the best for the future, and we are grateful to all our customers who came to talk to us and buy our lovely products on the day.

We really hope you've been managing to get out and enjoy the sunshine – remember to wear suncream! It's looking very promising that this weather will stick around for Beatherder festival, which is coming up in just 10 days' time, I am super excited to be going back to one of my favourite festivals after many years on hiatus. I'm absolutely buzzing!!

Our main news though, which we have alluded to in previous blogs, is the expansion of our lovely little shop at Craven Court. The ever increasing popularity of Harry Potter and related merchandise has meant that we simply don't have space to house it all downstairs, with all our other product ranges getting bigger and more popular too! So we are taking the plunge and converting the upstairs office into a dedicated Harry Potter shop! There is already so much hype surrounding this expansion, and we really hope you can come and celebrate with us on the 28th July 2018. This coincides not only with our 2nd Birthday (we moved to Craven Court two years ago!) but also Harry Potter's Birthday!

Come down and celebrate with us, don your robes and bring your wands! There will be a photo booth available to take commemorative portraits, and a raffle to win one of our very special Noble Collection Wands! Rita Skeeter will also be on hand with her Quick Quotes Quill to interview our Super Fans for our special feature blog and other social media.

We're also really excited to welcome home our beautiful friend Tori who has been over in Italy for far too long and is returning home to be loved to death before she heads off on her next unbelievable adventure to Tanzania. She may end up being a familiar feature in the shop over the next couple of months as she's a Skipton resident and one of the world's biggest Harry Potter fans. I dare you to challenge her knowledge, she is unbeatable.

I will be running the shop on Friday and probably a few more days over the next couple of weeks, so expect more social media silliness and more blogs and loads more Harry Potter shop hype!

Lots of love,


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