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How are we all? It looks as though for most people today is the last day of school term, which means a Summer of fun is about to begin! We have lots of lovely things planned for the shop and blog over Summer, but we hope to get outside sometime and enjoy the weather! This is the most prolonged period of sunshine we can remember since we were young kids, and doesn't it make a difference?! We are a little worried about the general wellbeing of the nation now that England have been kicked out of the World Cup, Love Island is coming to an end, and the nights are going to get longer, darker and cooler. So do enjoy the weather as much as you can, and spare a thought for those of us who are stuck indoors for most of the day!

Whilst we do hope the sunshine is here to stay, we know the English Summertime wouldn't be the same without a bit of rain, so we've created a guide for 'rainy day' games that are fun for all the family! Lots of these games are also handy travel or pocket size so ideal for taking to enjoy on holiday.


The News Game (Political Edition)

Think you can tell what is Fake News or not? This fantastic little game contains 50 bizarre but true news stories, and 50 fake news stories. Your task is to distinguish fact from fiction to win the game. (£5.99)

Pocket Battle Game

This cute little tin contains dry wipe pens and magnetic ships, using the inside of the tins as the board, a handy way to sink your battleship on a long journey or to keep the kids quiet whilst you sip Sangria by the pool (£6.99)

Marvel Avengers Trivia Quiz

Ideal for any Marvel / Avengers fans, this awesome game is a hero at just £5.00. Containing 50 quiz cards to test your Marvel knowledge, suitable for all ages.

Desktop Ping Pong

This game is super light and therefore easy to transport, and super easy to set up anywhere with a table. Challenge your friends and family in the ping pong championships! Includes two paddles, a ball, and a net with suction attachments to quickly fix to any flat surface. Highly addictive fun for all the family. (£6.99)

Trivial Pursuit Coasters

This classic game has been slightly altered for practicality as well as fun. This set of 20 coasters is ideal for after dinner fun, or as a simple card game. Test your knowledge with 120 questions in the classic Trivial Pursuit categories including General knowledge, Entertainment, Geography and Arts and Literature. The cards will also protect your surfaces, or those at your rented holiday cottage, when you're having your after dinner coffee or cocktails! (£5.99)

Desktop Penalty Shoot Out

If you're still feeling gutted about the World Cup ending, re-live some of the action at home by recreating a penalty shoot out with this brilliant game. It's so lightweight and small it will take up no space in your suitcase. Contains striker, goal keeper, goal and football. (£5.99) (Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts)

Picture This

This is a firm favourite at LMSB. This puzzling picture game presents you with close up photographs – it's your job to guess what you're looking at to win the card! The first player to collect five cards wins the game. With over 100 picture options this is a lovely little rainy day game for all ages. (£5.99)

False Alarm

For 2+ players, this fast paced true or false game is hilarious adult fun. Featuring a 'False Alarm' bell, the aim of the game is guess whether the other players are telling the truth or not, using the supplied True or False statement cards (or write your own). The first person to press the False Alarm bell wins. (£9.99)


This hilarious game asks players to describe words to their team without mentioning 'forbidden' words. The number of forbidden words increases in each round, to make the game more and more challenging! Mentioning a forbidden word results in you having to wear a 'Censored' mouth piece for the rest of the game! Complete the most challenges without mentioning forbidden words to win the game! For four players or more, this game is ideal for those big family or friend bbqs! Laugh out loud fun for just £7.99.

In a Wobble

Another firm favourite here at LMSB, this hilarious drawing game is suitable for anyone age 6+. Use the wobbly pen to draw an object whilst your team members guess what you're trying to draw! The pen vibrates continuously to hilarious effect. With 130 items to draw and a sand timer to put the pressure on, this game is sure to bring you and your family some laughs. (£9.99)

The IQ Game

Are you visiting your know-it-all Dad this year? This brilliant multi-player IQ game tests who is the smartest. The game invites players to answer a series of IQ testing logic, language, spatial awareness and memory questions. The first person to correctly answer a series of all four questions wins the game. Superb fun for 2+ players and an ideal way to test if your Dad really does know it all! (£7.99)

The Dinner Games

These super cute paper napkins feature games to play around the dinner table. There are eight games to play with a variety of topics to explore such as musicality, memory and word skills, with the added advantage of being a paper napkin! With 24 napkins these should get you through any long waits during peak restaurant times! Will you be the winner at dinner? (£4.99)

Ice Hockey

This is one of our absolute favourites and we are blown away by how cool it literally is! Simply pour water into the base of the game and pop in the freezer. Once frozen, pick up your puck n' sticks and play Ice Hockey on your table top! Includes ice hockey rink, goals, sticks and pucks. Just add water! (£7.99)


We also have lots of lovely Harry Potter colouring books (£10.00) and colouring pencil sets (£4.99) that could keep you and your kids entertained during a long flight or journey, or again, if the rain sets in or to keep everyone calm in the shade.

Have a wonderful Summer! And don't forget to pop in and see all the amazing new stock we have on offer. And please do join us for our Harry Potter shop launch on the 28th July! We have lots of lovely surprises for you and Rita Skeeter herself will be here to interview Super Fans for our blog!

Lots of love,


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