The First Female Doctor

Hello Beautiful,

With the upcoming series of Doctor Who due to be released this week (7th October), we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you some of our favourite items from our brand new Doctor Who range!

Our long-awaited range of fantastic merchandise has proven to be very popular already and that can only be boosted further with the release of the new series, featuring the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker - with the added bonus that Jodie is a Yorkshire lass!

One of our current favourites are the 3D Tardis Mug (£13.99), featuring a hidden Tardis inside the mug and 'Time Lord' on the front.

Doctor Who

We also love the Galaxy Heat Change Mug (£9.99), as it is bright and colourful with the Tardis on one side and the quote 'Time and Relative Dimension In Space' on the other.

Another favourite is the tall Latte Mug (£11.99), which features a beautiful speckled galaxy print. What we absolutely love about this new range is that is a bit different to the other merchandise we've seen for the Doctor Who brand, making it more appealing to everyone – male, female, old and young.

Doctor Who

We're super excited about there finally being a female Doctor, as this has been discussed since 1981, but never actually brought to fruition. For 50 years the role has been played by white men, including William Hartnell, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston.

It's so important for young girls to see women going out there, adventuring, making mistakes, being heroes, and having their own fantastical stories - not just being sidekicks in someone else's story.

We'll see you in the future, enjoy the new series!

Love, Team LMSB xx

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