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We know that Christmas shopping can be super stressful, so we've once again created some special Gift Guides to help you narrow down some choices! This first of three feature blogs will cover Stocking Fillers and Gifts Under £10, the second blog will feature our Special Gift Guide, and the third blog will present to your our Ultimate Party Game Guide, to keep you entertained over the festive period!

Our Stocking Fillers can also make fantastic Secret Santa gifts and ALL are under £10! If your office or friendship group partakes in Secret Santa, we have some lovely things that are suitable for all ages and interests!


Stacking Squirrels (£6.99)

See how many squirrels you can stack with this fun and functional eraser set! Stack them up on the acorn and keep yourself – or the kids – entertained whilst they wait for Santa to come! They are just too cute we cannot even. Since they are also erasers, they make a fantastic addition to a pencil case. We dare you not to fall in love with them. Just LOOK at them. Too cute. OMG.

Off The Record (£9.99)

This is one of our personal favourites, as Team LMSB are BIG music lovers. We cant wait to play this one at our Christmas party!

Spin the record (on top of the case!) to choose a round, select your card, then draw, mime, hum, or describe that answer to help your team mates guess what it is! Cards to be guessed include songs, artists and musical instruments, meaning you and your friends can put each other’s musical knowledge to the test. The Off The Record Game comes with 50 question cards, a pencil, a paper pad and a record player spinner for selecting rounds.

Another fantastic party game from Purple Donkey that is already proving to be very popular.

Posing Pandas (£5.99)

HOW CUTE ARE THESE PANDAS?! We just cannot get over how adorable this game is. score points by rolling different combinations of panda poses! Simply roll your pandas on the table and see how they land! Easy to play and great fun for all ages, so a fantastic edition to any stocking or for Secret Santa!


Strong Nails Manicure Set (£6.00)

Soggy Moggy (£7.99)

Do you know someone who enjoys a nice long soak in the tub? Perfect for cat lovers, these novelty plugs make bathing super fun. Pair with any of our Harry Potter Bathbombs (featured below) and you've got a lovely bath themed gift for your super soaker friends! Fits all standard plugs.

Sorting Hat Bath Bomb (£6.00)

Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter or not, this lucious smelling bath bomb is a quirky gift for everyone to enjoy. Simply drop the bomb into your bathwater, and watch it change colour to sort you into one of four Hogwarts houses Ravenclaw (blue), Gryffindor (red), Hufflepuff (yellow) or Slytherin (green). This vegan friendly bath bomb has a wonderful fresh tropical fruit flavour.

We also have Butterbeer and Golden Snitch themed bath bombs, as well as each of the four houses – all vegan friendly!


Super Mario Question Block Keyring Light (£7.99)

A little more niche this one, for vintage game lovers, this is a perfect portable piece of Mario memorabilia. Press the button to engage the mini-torch, and activate the classic coin sounds from the popular Super Mario video games.

Marvel Avengers Captain America Multi Tool (£8.99)

This AWESOME multi tool keyring is a heroic gift for any Marvel fan. It features a bottle opener, mini scissors, cross head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, all nearly contained in the Captain America red, white, and blue shield with a keyring attachment.

Thor's Hammer Keyring (£9.99)

Another epic stocking filler that is sure to save the day. Party like a hero with this dually functional bottle opener keyring shaped like Thor's iconic hammer Mjolnir! A great gift for comic book fans or fans of the Avenger's movie series.

Pusheen Mermaid Rubber Keyring (£2.99)

For fans of adorable cats, or mermaids, or indeed mercats (purr-maids?) this Pusheen keyring is guaranteed to make a splash.

Harry Potter Chibi Character Keyrings (£8.99)

We also have a HUGE selection of Harry Potter themed keyrings, the most adorable of which are the Chibi designs! My favourites are the keeper of the keys himself, Hagrid, and Luna Lovegood!

In addition to key rings we also have adorable charms (£4.99), fridge magnets (from £2.99) and pin badges (from £3.99) Shop our full Harry Potter range here - there are too many for us to share all of our favourites!


Buzz Lightyear Egg cup and Toast Cutter (£8.99)

To breakfast, and beyond! This super sweet Space Ranger egg cup and toast cutter makes a lovely stocking filler for the little ones. And for the superhero fans you're struggling to buy for, we also carry Batman, Superman and Spider-Man themed egg cup and toast cutter sets. Add some character to breakfast with these lovely gifts.

Christmas Spirit Bauble Shot Glasses (£9.99)

Pour the spirit into Christmas with this set of festive coloured bauble flasks! These six coloured Bauble Shot Glasses can also be HUNG ON THE CHRISTMAS TREE. How incredible is that?! Just make sure you hang them high enough out of reach of children so you don't have a Christ-mess.

Mugs (from £5.50)

We have an absolutely enormous collection of mugs to suit all ages and tastes. From Super Mario to Unicorns, Marvel, Pusheen and Harry Potter, as well as lots of cute slogans and travel mugs – you're certain to find something suitable for a tea or coffee lover. Check out our full range here.

USB Superhub (£7.00)

This camera design PlayHub allows you to charge four USB devices at once. A great gift for tech fans!

PlayStation Icons Metal Coasters (£8.99)

A great addition to any gaming den or man cave, control your spillages with these four corked backed metal coasters each feature an icon from the legendary PlayStation controller.


Pimp Chew Toy (£6.99)

Because who on Earth doesn't want their dog to look like a pimp from time to time? Endless fun for the dog, and endless laughs for you.


And if you want a stocking to fill we have a selection of those too!

Harry Potter Platform 9 ¾ Stocking (£10.99)

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Stocking (£10.99)

...and these super cute Reversible Rose Gold and White Sequin (£9.99) and Pink or Grey plush smaller stockings (£5.99).

And don't forget, much of our stationery is reduced to clear, with up to 50% off selected items! Shop the full range here.

We hope we have piqued your interests with this Stocking Filler Gift Guide, and we urge you to explore the full website or come into store to check out the full range, as there are so many wonderful things on sale!

We look forward to sharing our Ultimate Party Games Guide and our Special Gift Guide over the next week or so! Please do keep an eye on our social media for updates and if you are looking for something specific and can't find it, drop us a line! We are adding lots of new stock every week all throughout the festive period.

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