Christmas Games Guide 2018

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As promised, here’s our third and final (don’t worry we’ll be back next year) Christmas Games Guide, featuring our favourite festive party games! As everyone in the universe knows, no Christmas Day is complete until you’ve played at least one drinking, I mean party game. Whether it’s tears of laughter from your kids watching their 82 year old Nanna wipe splattered cream off her face or you wake up with a bed full of ping pong balls and worryingly no knowledge of how either you or they got there - we can all agree that it’s all fun and games... 'til someone loses an eye. So, without further ado (drum roll please)… here’s our top party games to see you through the festive period!

Playing it safe

Ok let’s start with the safe games, the games your Uncle Martin you’ve not seen for 4 years or your brother’s new girlfriend (who you’re supposed to be making a good impression!) on can play.

Festive Games (£4.99)

Absolutely fantastic value for money, this pack of 15, yes you read that right, 15 games will keep the family entertained for hours and you can rest assured no-one will wake up with a ping ball for an eyeball.

Festive Draw It (£5.99)

Fabulously funny festive themed drawing! Choose your teams wisely (I know it’s not the taking part it’s the winning that counts, wait…did I say that right?) anyway yes choose your team well because they’re guessing what you’re drawing! Top tip: strategically choose players with a GCSE in art and you’re golden.

Festive Charades (£5.99)

I mean, is it even Christmas if you don’t play charades! No, we don’t think so either. Grab your festive charades now before it’s too late!

Festive Play that Tune (£7.99)

One for all the family, a marvellous ‘name that tune’ game! Each player gets a kazoo and has to blast out a tune for the other players to guess. If you’re feeling really adventurous why not throw in some air drumming or air guitar!

Ramping up the fun

Right, Nanna’s had a couple of sherry’s and buggered off to bed and your Uncle Martin is already hammered (the dark horse) so it’s time to ramp up the party games.

Head to Head: Elf vs Santa (£11.99)

So, this game is hilarious. One Santa and one Elf hat with a plush ball attached to a dangly bit (!) and the aim of the game is to knock down as many presents as you can! Brilliant one for the kids or even better - your drunk Uncle Martin and your Mum (who’s enjoyed a few too many prosecco’s) going head to head in an alcohol fuelled vertically challenging game, I mean, what could possibly go wrong!

Gin Ping Pong Drinking Game (£12.99)

For the true stayers, the last standing, the die-hard Christmas party goers! Yes, that’s right, just when you thought you’d all had enough to gin’k - some nutter cracks out the ping pong game… here’s our version of the popular, potentially vomit inducing party game for the over 18’s! Just make sure you’ve got enough gin! And for the love of God make sure no-one’s sick on Mum’s new carpet she had fit specially for Christmas...

Don't forget you can check out our full range of games here! We have everything from handheld game controllers to retro gaming mats, to drinking games for the big kids to fun games for all the family!

Finally, have yourselves a fantabulous Christmas and New Year. And thanks for being an awesome customer and supporting us throughout 2018.

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