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It's certainly been a while since we updated. We hope you are all well and had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

We have a brand new 'Real Wedding' feature to share with you. Back in 2018, Emma and Hannah tied the knot at one of our favourite venues, The Coniston Hotel.

They both had some specific ideas in mind, which we hope we brought to life for them both on their big day. We were tasked with combining their love of Harry Potter with Disney - not easy, but we love a challenge!

Let's jump right in and find out about their special day..


How did you meet?​

"On our first day at Lancaster University in 2007."

How did she propose? Or did you take the plunge?

"Emma proposed at sunrise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea because we were on a Disney cruise around Europe. She had made a book of our photographs that started with a note that said ‘these are all the reasons I love you’ and ended with a picture of the ring box. Then we both laughed."

Tell us about planning your wedding…

"We found it fun and not particularly stressful, surprisingly. We agreed on most things and it took us just less than a year to plan everything."

What were you most excited about?

"Hannah was excited to see Emma on the day, about her bouquet and the lanterns that we used as table centrepieces. Emma was most excited about the ceilidh and all the small details; the table plan, the lanterns, the favours and the cake."

Did you trust your other half with any of the planning?

"Hannah trusted Emma with most of it and could only make decisions once Emma had narrowed down the options!"

What was your theme?

"A combination of Disney and Harry Potter with a winter twist."

How did Zoe incorporate this theme in to your stationery?

"Zoe did an amazing job of realising our vision, so much so, we ended up building most of the theming around her designs. We had navy blue invitations with a snowflake design, which was also used on our table plan, table names and place names. The table plan and table names were set against a backdrop of the Disney and Harry Potter castles. On our wedding day Emma’s Mum even gave us a card that Zoe had designed to match our theme!"

What was your experience with Zoe like, as a designer?

"Zoe was brilliant, she was so easy to work with and always excited to develop our ideas, which made the process really easy. She was also honest about what would and wouldn’t work so we had a lot of confidence in her as an artist."

How did you feel when you saw the finished designs?

"Very excited; seeing the culmination of all our ideas and Zoe’s hard work was well worth the wait. The final pieces were better than we could have imagined."

How many bridesmaids and pageboys did you have?

"Five bridesmaids, two flower girls, two ushers and one pageboy!"

Tell us about the big day itself…

"It was a whirlwind, everything went by so quickly but it was definitely one of the best days of our lives. Everyone tells you it will be but I don’t think you really appreciate how or why until it is your turn. Everything went perfectly and was everything we had hoped it would be; we even got snow! Our guests commented on how much attention we had paid to the small details, which was nice to hear after months of planning."

What was the easiest thing about planning your wedding?

"Choosing our Disney/Harry Potter theming."

…and the hardest?

"Trying to ensure our theme reflected us without being too over the top."

Did your guests like your stationery?

"They loved it. Everyone commented on how ‘us’ it was and they were impressed by how cohesive the theming was."

Did you get any particularly positive feedback for your theme and design?

"The table plan received the most attention because it was the centrepiece of the theming, depicting the Harry Potter and Disney castles alongside one and other in our wintery theme."

Where are you planning to go on your honeymoon?

"We have just got back from 10 days in New York City and Washington D.C, which was amazing!"

Would you recommend LMSB to friends and family?

"Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt."


Wow, what lovely feedback! It was an absolute pleasure working with you both to create your 'happy ever after'.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about Hannah and Emma's big day. If you would like to take part, please email us at

Much love, LMSB x

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