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As the clocks have gone back and the days have got darker, greyer and wetter, we’re going to use this November edition of our Featured Bride Wedding of the Month blog to journey back to the summertime, and enjoy Katie and Jonathan’s wedding, to help warm your cockles as the cold sets in!

Katie and Jonathan were married on “The Perfect Day” - 16th July 2016, at Haworth Main Street Church. Their beautiful ceremony was followed by their wedding breakfast and party at The Grouse Country Inn.

We spoke to Katie to get all the details of their lovely day...

How did you meet?

"We lived two minutes away from each other all our young teen aged lives. We use to get on the same school bus, and get off at the same stop. We eventually started talking to each other when I was 17 and he was 18, at my friend's birthday party."

How did he propose? Or did you take the plunge...?

"Jonathan went to the jewellery shop on the day of my graduation to get me a ring, but decided to come home and take me as he knows how fussy I am. Needless to say two months later my ring had been made to my specific design. He asked me again at home when he gave me the ring."

What were you most excited about?

"I was most excited about going to the church and actually getting married. I couldn't wait for Jonny to see me in my dress for the very first time. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do - keeping it a secret from him - as I tell him everything. His favourite part was celebrating after we got married."

Did you trust your other half with any of the planning?

"No, I did all the planning. I loved every minute of it and I'm missing it now. He was glad as planning isn't his thing - even Zoë didn't meet him until the wedding."

What was your theme?

"I just wanted it to be classy, and it was. We had lots of diamonds and pearls and cut glass. It looked amazing."

How did Zoë incorporate this into your theme?

"Zoë made all our stationery and it all matched perfectly. She used lace effect and diamond and pearl brooches. Her work is amazing!"

What was your experience with Zoë as a designer?

"Zoë is amazing. I gave her lots of challenges, for example, I have a horse, and I wanted to have two of his shoes decorated so I could give one to my husband and one to hang up in our venue. She completed them better than I could have imagined."

How did you feel when you saw the finished design?

"Overwhelmed! All her designs are amazing but what she had designed for us was so personal and just as we wanted them. In a word, amazing."

Tell us about the big day itself...

"Our wedding day was just perfect! It was just what I had imagined, if not better.

"The day started at 5am. I was so excited I couldn't sleep. I went to bed at 11 o'clock and I didn't sleep all night! I laid awake with my heart beating like mad. I kept getting up and going into the other bedroom where my dress was hung, as I'd only picked it up that tea time. I was so pleased with it and couldn't wait to get back into it!

"My bridesmaid's and I spent six hours having fun and getting ready together. I was so excited, and a little nervous. At one point, one of my bridesmaid said “Katie, you don't have to empty the bin on your wedding day!” (I did it anyway!)

"We then opened the Prosecco to calm our nerves. I just kept thinking about Jonny and how he would be feeling. I arrived at the church at 12 noon where the main street in Haworth was full with lots of people awaiting my arrival. I was helped out of the car by my beautiful bridesmaid and a little boy who I worked with. I had kept my emotions in all morning, but by this point I heard a little voice say “Miss Hedges”, while running up to me. We had lots of pictures, and I was finally at the bottom of the aisle ready to marry the love of my life (it was the moment I'd been waiting for 8 1/2 years)

Jonathan was very emotional as I walked down the aisle, which surprised me as he is very tough! It was lovely to see all our beautiful families and friends as me and my dad walked towards Jonny. I gave him a little kiss and a cuddle to calm his nerves.

"We got married, had an amazing reception and evening do, made lots of memories, and we can't wait to get our wedding album and video back so we can re-live the whole day! It was a perfect day, everything went so smoothly, however it just went so fast, I want to do it again!!"

How many bridesmaids and page boys did you have?

"We had six bridesmaid's and two page boys."

What was the easiest thing about planning your wedding?

"Everything was very easy as I was in control, and I am a very organised person! I booked and designed things early so I knew we would get our first choices of suppliers, venue and church."

And the hardest?

"The hardest part of organising the wedding was trying to get six bridesmaid's to commit to the same dates for measuring and fitting. I won't lie it was stressful, however everything else was easy so I suppose I got off lightly!"

Did your guests like your stationery?

"Our guests loved the stationery. We had so many comments about how they were the nicest invitations they had ever seen. One of our guests said he'd been to lots of weddings and the detail that had gone in to ours was fantastic. He said the stationery was lovely, he hadn't seen anything as nice."

Where are you planning on going on your honeymoon?

"We are going to Sorrento, Italy."

Would you recommend LMSB to your Friends and family?

"Without a doubt - we already have!"


Such lovely feedback, and as Katie says, amazing! What a beautiful wedding, with some really unique touches. It’s these small details that really make a wedding stand out. Let Zoë know what is important to you to include in your big day, what you are passionate about, and what makes your heart sing, and she can incorporate these into your stationery! Little details can really bring your theme to life, and tie the whole day together by truly making it your own. Your wedding is a whole day dedicated to you as a couple, your friends and family are coming to celebrate you and all your quirks. Don’t be afraid to reveal the little things that make your soul shine. The more comfortable you are with your designs and themes, the more relaxed you will be on your big day.

Thank you Katie and Jonathan for sharing your gorgeous day with us. We hope you have a fabulous honeymoon!

Lots of love,


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