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Real Wedding - Mr & Mrs Mares

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Hello beautiful,

Well! Where does the time go? We have all been so busy with the shop and design work (Zoe), and birthday parties (Leo) and attempting to organise a million and one things (Charlotte) that we almost, almost, forgot to share our February edition Featured Bride - Real Wedding blog! It’s almost flipping March already!

We hope everyone has settled nicely into 2017 and that you all enjoy this lovely interview with our February bride, Tricia, who married Catalin on the 4th June 2016, at Kelbrook Village Hall, Lancashire.

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How did you meet?

"We met online!"

How did he propose?

"He tried to put the engagement ring on my finger whilst I slept on Christmas eve, but I woke up and sort of spoilt it for him! I couldn’t get back to sleep after that!"

Tell us about planning your wedding…

"I work in the wedding industry myself and I knew that we didn’t want a traditional wedding with all the formalities. Instead, we wanted a celebration of love bringing us together, more of a family party feeling. I also wanted to do most of it ourselves so we literally made everything over a nine month period. Using other trusted wedding professionals like Zoe for the things that we couldn’t do."

What were you most excited about?

"Everything!! It was very special as we were both marrying for the second time, and we were not only marrying each other, but bringing our families together too."

Did you trust your other half with any of the planning?

"He was on a need to know basis, but he chose his suit, and some songs for our playlist. And he was also in charge of what wine we would be having at the wedding too."

What was your theme?

"The wedding ceremony took place at a village hall and so we wanted to keep that in mind when planning the day. Keeping everything to a vintage theme, my sister made my dress, which was a 1950's style ivory lace. She also had over 500 yards of vintage bunting to sew, and we collected hundreds of china tea cups and plates. My brother then had the difficult job of drilling over 150 of them to create our very special afternoon tea. We made over 150 tissue paper pompoms, and I even created my own vintage bridal posy! We made our very own vintage style four feet LOVE letters. (Zoe even helped me with my crazy ideas! She would support me when I felt I just couldn’t make another pompom. She would pop round and push me along.)"

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How did Zoe incorporate this theme in to your stationery?

"Zoe was very patient with me, as I had quite a few ideas at first, the final design was just right in line with our idea of how the wedding was going to be."

What was your experience with Zoe like, as a designer?

"I have known Zoe now for a number of years on both a personal and professional level, she is very easy to work with, she listened to my needs and my ideas, and she was realistic with her advice. She made the whole process easy and stress free from start to finish."

How did you feel when you saw the finished designs?

"I was absolutely thrilled when I saw them - they were just how I had imagined."

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How many bridesmaids and pageboys did you have?

"I didn’t actually have bridesmaids as such. My father passed away a few years ago, so I had both my son and my daughter walk me to Catalin at the village hall, this was so special to me."

Tell us about the big day itself…

"We had our legal bit at the registry office in private beforehand with just ourselves and my two children as witnesses. This was very special to us and it meant that rather than dragging our guests all over waiting around (and let’s face it probably being bored!) we could have a celebrant conduct the service at the village hall, so we could just enjoy that as our main ceremony.

"The wedding day was amazing, we seemed blessed by absolutely everything, from the gorgeous sunny weather to the ceremony itself. We wanted a wedding that was a special celebration from start to finish, and something that reflected how we feel for each other. We wanted to celebrate how lucky we feel to have found each other (no stuffy boring bits).

"It was very hard work dressing the venue ourselves but very rewarding, and it was such a special moment as we ate pizza admiring all our hard work whilst sat on the stage that we had set up for the band (at 1am on the morning of the wedding!) with our close friends and family that had come along to help."

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What was the easiest thing about planning your wedding?

"Well, as I knew exactly which bridal bouquet I would be making for myself, this sort of just made everything else like my colours, my theme, my dress, and venue just fall into place."

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…and the hardest?

"I can’t actually think of the hardest part as we enjoyed every second - from the day we started to plan the wedding right through to the last dance."

Did your guests like your stationery?

"Our guests loved our stationery!! It gave them a real feel for the sort of wedding they would be attending and really reflected how we wanted our day to be."

Did you get any particularly positive feedback for your theme and design?

"I visited a few people who had my invites but had not untied the ribbons! When I asked them why, they just said, “Oh no it’s too pretty to open!” but of course they did open them eventually."

wedding stationery, wedding invitations, wedding invites skipton, wedding invites yorkshire,

Where are you planning to go on your honeymoon?

"We went up to the Scottish Highlands for our honeymoon, and spent a couple of days in Edinburgh on our way home. It was a fabulous trip. We even called at Gretna Green on our way back and pretended to do it all again."

Would you recommend LMSB to friends and family?

"I would recommend Zoe to all my family and friends, she is very talented and her passion for what she does shows through in her work."


What a beautiful wedding with some really special feedback for Zoe’s work! It just goes to show that if you have specific ideas about your theme, and you commit to it fully, you can have a wedding that is you, through and through.

Celebrating the love you have for your partner is the main focus of any wedding, Sometimes the little details are what makes the day so big and bold, drawing all those idiosyncrasies together into one explosion of unique energy. It can feel daunting, knowing you want so many specific things, and wanting it all to be perfect, so don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to help out. These are the people who will love you through everything, and most will be happy to give up some time to help you sew 150ft bunting, or make pompoms, or set up the venue into the early hours... and when it all comes together, the thing you will hold dearest is your connection to your loved ones. That’s a theme that is always in style...

Much love,

Let's Make Something Beautiful

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