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Welcome to our March edition Featured Bride Wedding of the Month blog! (Just in the nick of time! We genuinely thought there was one more week until April – time absolutely flies!)

This month our gorgeous bride is Holly Wilkinson, who married Chris on the 3rd February 2017 at the Shireburn Arms. We spoke to Holly to find out what preparations she made for her dream wedding, and how the day went off...

Let's Make Something Beautiful Wedding Stationery Skipton Yorkshire


How did you meet?

"We met when I was 16 (almost nine years ago), and working as a waitress at The Cross Gaits Inn, in Blacko. Chris always used to come in with his friends; he was one of our regulars."

How did he propose? Or did you take the plunge?

"Chris proposed to me on Christmas day, it was so special, I wasn’t expecting it at all! We had just finished opening our presents and Chris said, 'Oh there is one more present to open' and I said, 'Oh where is it?' and he said, 'It’s on the tree.' He showed me a brown wooden bauble and I said, 'What have you bought that for it doesn’t match!' He said 'No, look inside it.'

"I opened the bauble and there was my beautiful engagement ring! I was so shocked, I turned around and Chris was on one knee. I couldn’t believe it! I was so shocked I cried, and of course I said yes! My ring had my great grandma’s diamond in it, it is so beautiful and so special. We celebrated with all the family up at my mum and dad’s house - it was the most amazing day!"

Tell us about planning your wedding…

"I loved planning our wedding, I kept everything in a fab wedding book. I did lots of things myself, to keep cost down. I made my own invitations and decorated glass jars for flowers. I was so organised I ordered my wedding book from Amazon Prime and it arrived on boxing day!

"My long time friend Sadie, who I met at primary school, did our flowers - they were so beautiful. I loved every minute of planning our wedding and I’m now helping my friends plan theirs. I wish I could do it for a job!"

Let's Make Something Beautiful Wedding Stationery Skipton Yorkshire

What were you most excited about?

"I was most excited about wearing my beautiful dress, and marrying my best friend. I know it sounds cheesy but Chris really is my best friend, he always knows what to do to make me happy when I’m sad." (Awww – LMSB)

Did you trust your other half with any of the planning?

"Yes! Chris helped make the invites and favours, and was involved in all the planning and decisions. We decided everything together."

What was your theme? 

"We had a rustic nature theme, home-made style, with navy bridemaids dresses. Lots of hessian, lace and touches of red. We had wooden logs from my mum and dad’s garden. All our tables had tree names."

How did Zoe incorporate this theme in to your stationery?

"Zoe made our table plan and table name cards. The table plan matched our theme beautifully. It was mounted in a frame made with wooden branches, it really was beautiful. With cream shimmery card on a brown card background, it matched everything perfectly."

Let's Make Something Beautiful Wedding Stationery Skipton Yorkshire

What was your experience with Zoe like, as a designer?

"Zoe was very professional and is very good at what she does. All the table cards were perfect, and she even made last minute changes without a hassle when we collected our items from her."

How did you feel when you saw the finished designs?

"The finished designs were perfect and just what we wanted."

How many bridesmaids and pageboys did you have?

"I had one maid of honour and four bridesmaids, and Chris had one best man and four groomsmen."

Let's Make Something Beautiful Wedding Stationery Skipton Yorkshire

Tell us about the big day itself…

"It was brilliant from start to finish! We will remember our special day for the rest of our lives."

What was the easiest thing about planning your wedding?

"Choosing my bridesmaids!"

…and the hardest?

"The men's suits!!!"

Did your guests like your stationery?

"Yes I had lots of comments on the table plan, and lots of our guests kept their name cards as a keepsake."

Where was, or where are you planning to go on your honeymoon?

"We went to Cape Verde Boa Vista for our honeymoon - it was amazing, it was so relaxing. We went quad biking in the sand dunes and on the beach, it was the most amazing holiday and after all the craziness of the wedding it was so nice to spend some quality time with my new hubby."

Would you recommend LMSB to friends and family?

"Yes definitely!"


What a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

The average UK wedding costs in excess of £20,000. When you decide to take on a DIY wedding, it’s also worth bearing in mind the cost of raw materials, as well as the additional time it takes to prepare. We’ve had many brides get very stressed and flustered attempting to take on the task of creating their own stationery only to come in to the office in floods of tears for help as their deadlines loom! Holly got the best of both worlds – she really wanted to be hands on with creating her special day, so did some of the stationery herself, and had Zoe create the rest to match.

The average cost of stationery for a UK wedding is around £300. This may be within your budget but it could also be a daunting figure. Zoe will always work with you to provide the best design package to your personal budget. And having a professional take on the task means you can leave it in our capable hands whilst you focus on other aspects of planning your wedding!

Get in touch for a quote or pop in to see us for a brew and a chat so we can see how we can best suit your needs.

We hope you have enjoyed this March edition of our Wedding of the Month blog!

Lots of love,


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